Wrapping the planet in plastic – fun, or not?

Plastic wrapping the planet for fun.

…cuz I say NOT. (peek at that picture linked above first)

Now, how can I be smug about this? There is a theme to this blog, after all. Greener Than Thou.

Oh, ok. I can make like I decided it’s a great way to employ the destitute. Rag-pickers need work too, ya know! And the people who fish for a living, well, they can employ OTHERS, to pick out the plastic from the fishes bellies!

Uh oh, my cynicism is hard to hide these days. Did we REALLY elect someone who thinks profit is more important than the 7th generation? Hmmm, maybe I can find work as a professional troll. Uh oh, cynicism and bitterness is overtaking my world, like plastic overtaking the planet.

I have begun to use wicker baskets for food shopping. There’s this: EVERYbody looks inside my basket. We can start talking about it, which fills several needs of mine: to not harm Earth, and to interact with its inhabitants.

AND, I will sometimes use my free hand to hoist my nose ABOVE the gawker, and point out my clear and present superiority to THEM, who after all don’t have the delicious food I do, and didn’t think of using a basket to haul it. And by doing so, I’ve snuck in a lil JAB at them because I am GREENER THAN THOU (to be read with thunderous audio imaginings)!!

So there.

Pictures of Earth’s Destruction

Pictures of Earth’s Destruction.

They’re going around the web. Here’s just one:


I posted some more, on Facebook. A bunch of friends shared about feeling distraught. After a couple more heartening posts and an invitation to an upcoming workshop on sustainability, I posted this:

My Pagan religion has me knowing that the Earth is my body, which ups the motivation to Walk More Drive Less, buy almost nothing that’s brand new, never take in plastic bags, ETC and then some, ad nauseum, just ask my beloveds. Therefore the news (&these pix) often *really* hurts, cuz over here in my lil bright green ray of sunshine , I often miss this kinda bad news… but I can cheer myself up. I recently started composting again, am still car-less, and started a blog called Greener Than Thou. (too self-referential?)

It’s definitely not just overpopulation, it is OVERCONSUMPTION. And many US’ers don’t see it because they like to be surrounded by golf-course style finery, and pay for the degradation to occur elsewhere. I’m gonna go cry. And continue my simpler smaller lifestyle in a place w/no sprawl, lotsa public transportation (full disclosure: I’m getting another car soon), and only buy used stuff. That saves $ too, with which I could afford more eco-conscious meat. I am considering raising chickens. I’ll announce my blog when it’s presentable.

:::If you’re reading this, I must consider it presentable! Here’s a motivator, entitled:

“Depleting oil fields are yet another symptom of ecological overshoot, as seen at the Kern River Oil Field, California.”


Thanks for reading my blog. Above in this post, I “out” myself as Pagan, disclosing my motivation for this blog. This blog o’mine has an amusing title, which has value in itself, I hope. I often wanna share how easy it is to lessen one’s carbon footprint, amount of solid waste, ETC. Many folks are so guilt-feeling about their eco-habits that if they see me go out of my way to do an eco-action as simple as recycling, they consider me …”greener than thou”. It’s happened countless times.

And I raised twins alone, so I know how to do it frugally too. So last Thanksgiving (2014)  I posted on Facebook a “Green and Frugal Treatment of Slow Draining Sinks”. ‘Twas helpful for several folks. That’s when I thought of blogging about a green and frugal lifestyle.

So here we are. Yet another way Peggy likes to spend her time, which earns zero dollars, harumph.  Hope you enjoy it and remember: if you develop a zero tolerance policy for taking actions that you know harm the Earth (<—see, a religious devotion), you can feel Holy, in my religion. And ya know what I said about not buying new? Your clothing might be HOLE-Y too. Check carefully before buying used clothing.

Yes, you can groan. Or call me out on Bad Humor.

Car discussion. To be edited and improved shortly. Addenda welcome.

Ok, let’s look at the car.

Walk more. Yes, I’m quite serious.

Notice your use of the car, because every minute of its use is harmful.

Do not leave your car idling.

Carpool (WAAAAYY more fun, and keeps you in touch with friends/neighbors!) as much as you can. Offer rides. Accept them. Use HOV lanes.

Work closer to home. Work from home.

Enjoy public transportation, in which you can people watch intently, or have good down time for reading that novel you’ve wanted ton explore.

Park far away from places, instead of grinding your teeth about a parking spot 10 feet closer to the door. Are you really that lazy, or have you simply unknowingly joined a rat race that wants to grab territory? No, you probably don’t truly want to be like that. Keep doing this walking a little farther, until you notice yourself being much more relaxed and maybe even smiling when parking farther away.

Same concept with errands. Surely you needn’t drive a block away, but we’ve been trained to use our car for everything. Think about it. You’re not a volunteer for the stressed out rat-race, are you? Remember, it’s more fun, social, intelligent, and greener to walk. Get a personal cart if need be.

That smug feeling in your chest is stroking the planet’s yummy ticklish spot.

:::smile::: “Please don’t give me a bag.” :::smile:::

Here’s the game: do not take in one single new plastic bag and find out how you still have annoyingly too many of them. You were going to re-use… BUT.

Anyway, the cloth tote shopping bags are way more fun, stronger, and have cool logos etc. I saw one the other day that said, “Groceries ‘n shit.”

Habituate yourself to creatively hauling goods. Adopt the statement: “I feel so much better for not contributing to climate chaos.” Notice how many things have convenient carrying handles on them already.

You say it’ll line your waste receptacles, hold Fido’s solid waste, etc. But see how it quite frequently doesn’t? And there are bajillions already available. Better yet, more efficient sizes are made (esp. for dogdoo), and many are biodegradable. These plastic bags are NOT. No need for one more to come home with you.

Really, to install yourself on the higher moral eco-ground than your neighbors, adapt a zero tolerance policy about bringing in any new plastic bags. Notice the difference. See below. 

Be smug, and don't bring one more plastic bag home.

Be smug, and don’t bring one more plastic bag home.

Here’s how:

1.Get some (enough for an average shopping trip of yours, plus one) re-usable shopping bags, ones that you care for (at least a smidge of care).

2.Use them.

3.That moment in your Putting Shit Away when you would have dealt with plastic bags, put your tote on the door going out. THAT VERY MOMENT. Or fold it up and put it in your purse, if it’s one of those awesome scrunchable totes.

4.This is when to remember the picture of a pelican strangled by a plastic bag, and pat yourself on the back for not causing that horror. Pat away.

***If you leave it in your purse or in your car, here’s what to do. DON’T AQUIRE ANY NEW PLASTIC BAGS. Instead, forgive your forgetful self, but buy a new cloth tote shopping bag. Repeat step 3, while planning how to never have to buy another new one. Unless it says “Groceries n Shit.” Or “This bagholder is Greener Than Thou. Kneel.”

You will quickly change this needing a bag thing. You’re on your way to sanctimonious eco behavior.

Greener Than Thou.

Contributing less to climate chaos is more fun, saves you money, and is irritatingly correct. I’m here to hold your hand until you’re truly Greener Than Thou. 

We grew up with conveniences. Who knew we were being trained to trash the planet?

Well, now we know, and we know too much. It hurts. We now realize the plastic bags are harmful. “So I pay extra for the g-d things!” Eliminate them easily, says I. You won’t believe how fun that is.

Now we’ve learned without doubt that cars hurt Earth. “My entire world was designed around my personal vehicle being part of my identity and my means of functioning!!”  With this blog, you’re literally going to enjoy using the car less, believe it or not.

I’ve been Greener Than Thou since before climate chaos was a gleam in its daddy’s eye. I’ve learned how to make it be easy, fun and effective. You’ll feel Greener Than Thou for an eensy weensy sec, till you remember how effin serious this is. And then hopefully you’ll ponder how to make more of a difference. Cuz we really really matter, we humans. Meantime, let’s clear some conscience and have some fun.

Am I saying that you have to change habits from childhood? Even when nobody’s looking, wtf? Yes – but you already knew that. And you CAN, easily and cheaply. “Those sanctimonious eco-snobs with their expensive Priuses, ability to shop daily, and their servants, what do they know? Unlike them, I gotta work for a living.”

That’s my point. Part of it, anyway. It is FRUGAL (“simple, plan, costing little”) to be Green. And I want to help us not hassle with every little annoying decision, yet still have less impact. We all want that, to actually feel HOPE about the planet and future humans. When we know we aren’t contributing to climate change, we feel better. We needn’t pound our chests and be self-righteously boastful, but if we can just not soil our own nest, wouldn’t that be awesome? 

So let’s get started.